The many benefits of Spillard Live

Spillard’s aim has always been to reduce the number of accidents associated with moving vehicles. It has done this by raising driver awareness levels through the company’s range of vehicle safety products, but also improving the safety of mobile plant through independent machine and site assessments.

When it comes to Spillard’s safety products, Spillard Live is right at the very top of the industry. Moving vehicles can cause accidents in multiple ways, and with new risks occurring with each passing day, Spillard has a duty to help reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal incidents.

What does Spillard Live do?

The Spillard Live platform provides real time video telematic data to operators, plant and fleet managers regarding operational safety and driver behaviour. This is achieved through your tablet, mobile or PC device.

While a vehicle is on the move, the system records information such as vehicle location, speed, impact force and driving style. This provides an overview of fleet and driver behaviour, all while the events are occurring, so you won’t miss a thing.

Every bit of this data is safely stored on a UK secured server, which meets full GDPR compliance. This data provides invaluable trend analysis which helps users to work towards higher safety standards, assisting in reducing the number of accidents and eradicating bad driving habits.

So, what will I be getting?

When you incorporate Spillard Live into your fleet management, some of the features you will benefit from include:

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Spillard Live provides a multitude of services available at your fingertips, which you can view in full here.

Our passion drives your fleet

Over the years, Spillard has evolved into one of the largest vehicle safety equipment suppliers operating in the UK. Customers from multiple industries including construction and transportation come to Spillard for expert equipment and advice. Spillard strives to be the best because the team loves what it does, and the overall goal is to pass on the benefits to its valued customers.

Pete Spillard, Spillard Managing Director says “Spillard’s passion and enthusiasm for vehicle and operator safety is personified by the Spillard Live platform. This is a technological feat that will be a gamechanger for fleet managers around the country, who, by using it, will help contribute to lower numbers of accidents and completely avoidable incidents.”

For more information on Spillard Live, visit this link. You can contact Spillard here, where a member of the Spillard team will get back to you as soon as possible, and you can follow Spillard on LinkedIn for the latest company updates.

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