Connected Advanced Vehicle Technology (CAV)

Improve driver all-round awareness with speech alert technology provided by integrating safety components

Connected Advanced Vehicle Technology (CAV)

Our connected advanced vehicle system provides reassurance to operators, plant and fleet managers with regards to operational safety when driving on today’s busy roads and manoeuvring in congested depots.

Improve driver all-round awareness with speech alert technology provided by integrating safety components, including multiple camera devices, rear/nearside object detection and OE vehicle sensors, reducing incidents and vehicle maintenance.

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One single output on one single platform

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  1. Object detection
  2. Seat belt warning
  3. Park brake warning
  4. Reverse/turning warning
  5. Tilt warning
  6. Fire detection
  7. Temperature warning
  8. Overload warning
  9. Drink drive limit warning
  10. Trailer/rear door warning
  11. Low tire pressure warning
  12. Low bridge warning
  13. Driver fatigue
  14. Forward collision
  15. Mobile phone use
  16. Smoking warning

Driver Status Monitor (DSM) –

The DSM is a driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect abnormal driving status. It can help detect and alarm the following conditions, including fatigue, distraction, smoking and making a phone call while driving.

The intelligent algorithm analysis detects when the driver shows signs of fatigue, triggering an alert. If the person continues to drive whilst still showing signs of fatigue, the system will continue to sound an alarm.

In addition to detecting driver fatigue, the system also monitors phone use, smoking in the vehicle and driver presence, alerting to vehicle runaways.

The Artificial Intelligence black box system also features an output used to trigger external warning devices and telematics systems so that alerts can be remotely monitored in real-time.

CAV connected features

  • Handbrake Warning
  • Seat Belt Warning
  • Radio Mutes
  • Door open Warnings
  • Object detection – Near Side VRU and Cyclist detection
Connected Advanced Vehicle Technology (CAV) - CAV ADAS Diagram WEB

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Heavy goods vehicle safety systems
Heavy Goods
Construction vehicle safety
Mining vehicles
Mining and Quarrying
Public transport vehicle safety
Public Transport
Refuse safety
lgv safety
Light Goods
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