Convex mirror solutions

See beyond the limits

See beyond the limits of traditional flat mirrors

Naturally enhancing an operator’s field of vision, whilst eliminating blind spots and greatly assisting drivers to see beyond the limits while manoeuvring their vehicle.

Traditional flat glass mirrors are simply too limiting to show the operator the full extent of their working environment so ALL ROUND VISION has developed key ‘fit and forget’ solutions to eliminate the problem of blind spots by naturally enhancing the operators visibility. Installing couldn’t be simpler as the field of vision within the mirror allows for a huge margin of error.


To ensure the safe operation of workplace transport when visibility from the operator’s position is inadequate.


By specialising in the supply and installation of all round vision solutions, providing our customers with the expert advice and support needed to achieve perfect all round vision.

BB052 convex mirror

The benefits

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions robust design

Robust designs suitable for all environments.

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions vacuum coated

Vacuum coated for added durability.

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions multiple mirrors

Non-uniform radius to minimise distortion and maximise view.

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions customisable

Shatterproof acrylic with abrasion resistant coating.

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions shatterproof

Brackets and mountings to fit any machine.

Convex mirror solutions - spillard Convex mirror solutions non uniform radius

Limited fitting of multiple mirrors eliminates all blind spots.

Critical in the Design, Manufacture and Safe Operation of many forms of transport, affecting many different industries and the transportation methods used within those industries.

Manufactured from aluminiumised vacuum coated shatterproof acrylic, with an abrasion resistant coating, our mirrors utilise a non-uniform radius profile that maximises the field of view and minimises distortion. All come with mounting brackets and hardware, which are produced in-house this facility also allows us to fabricate custom brackets for bespoke fittings.

Install a rear view camera system and blind spots to the rear of vehicles can be eliminated. Install a set of wide angled convex mirrors, in conjunction with a rear view system and all blind spots can be eliminated achieving true ALL ROUND VISION

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Heavy goods vehicle safety systems
Heavy Goods
Construction vehicle safety
Mining vehicles
Mining and Quarrying
Public transport vehicle safety
Public Transport
Refuse safety
lgv safety
Light Goods
Committed to reducing risks

Committed to reducing risks

Our main priority is your safety, and to reduce the overall number of preventable accidents


of accidents are vehicle related

67% of construction industry accidents are linked to vehicles (European Union Occupational Health Agency survey 2014)

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The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves as we move forward, it is up to us to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Our priority is keeping people safe and making sure these numbers fall.

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