Detection vehicle safety systems

Detection vehicle safety systems

Cost effective vehicle detection devices

Improving site and vehicle detection safety

Technology sometimes makes everyday tasks more and more complicated, resolving one issue leads to another and whilst carrying out the simple task of manoeuvring a vehicle, information overload can lead toan unsafe operation, on the other hand relying too much on passive technologies can lead to driver complacency.

Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems is an active technology that goes someway to resolving these issues, whether that be near side object detection for commercial vehicle and cyclist interaction, reversing sensors for heavy mobile plant or direction sensors for detecting when forward vision is limited.

…SAFETY can help save lives and help prevent damage to vehicles. The system is designed to detect the closest object (whether stationary or moving, human or inanimate) in the area of coverage and informs the vehicle operator of its presence.

Vehicle Collision Avoidance System

VCAS – a vehicle safety enhancement system that warns operators of immediate dangers within a predetermined range. The system provides the assurance of safety when a site dumper’s operation commences, and cannot be turned off or ignored by operators unfamiliar with its features.

Vehicle Ultrasonic Systems

Vehicle ultrasonic systems are an award winning industrialised object detection system with over 7000 sensors installed worldwide, providing the assurance of safety when a vehicles operation commences as the system cannot be turned off or ignored by operators unfamiliar with its features.

Object Detection


Detects 100% of moving and static hazards



7000 sensors installed worldwide

On switch


System cannot be switched off or ignored

Vehicle Radar Systems

Pulsed timed domain radar detects 100% of moving and static hazards up to a range of 10 metres, effective in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and sleet and also gives the operator the reassurance that even multiple objects are detected 100% of the time.

Object Detection


Detects 100% of moving and static hazards

Multiple object detection


Detects multiple objects 100% of the time

Extreme weather


Robust design, effective even in extreme weather conditions

Detect solutions

Vehicle ultrasonic systems

Vehicle ultrasonic systems are an award winning industrialised object detection system with over 7000 sensors installed worldwide

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Committed to safety

Committed to safety

Our main priority is your safety, and to reduce the overall number of preventable accidents


of accidents are vehicle related

67% of construction industry accidents are linked to vehicles (European Union Occupational Health Agency survey 2014)

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The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves as we move forward, it is up to us to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Our priority is keeping people safe and making sure these numbers fall.

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