Improve driver all-round awareness by providing more information about their surroundings

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Improving driver all-round awareness since 1992

Construction site vehicle safety

“Spillard Safety Systems has always been passionate about the wellbeing and safety of not only people around vehicles, but also the drivers themselves. We have spent years developing technology both in hardware and software to advance mobile safety solutions that increase awareness and reduce incidents.”

Pete Spillard
Managing Director, Spillard

Determining the best solution starts by understanding the problem

By specialising in one very important area, visibility, or rather the blind spots created by inadequate visibility, Spillard Safety Systems, the company that designs and develops Vision solutions that achieve exactly this, these bespoke solutions provide more information about their surroundings, improve a machines field of vision and increasing an operators all-round awareness, significantly reducing the risks to themselves and exposed personnel.

In today’s safety orientated environment, everybody is coming under increasing pressure to reduce the annual number of incidents caused by vehicle blind spots, especially transport, plant and quarry managers and even site designers.

By improving a vehicles field of vision, operator’s should be able to see anyone who may be put at risk when any control is operated. This ‘all round vision’ can dramatically reduce incidents in the work place.

Many people still presume that they can be seen by an operator sitting up high on a machine. In many cases that simply isn’t true.

Vision - Vision commercial vehicles

Our systems are available for both commercial and construction vehicles

Our safety equipment is completely hardware-agnostic, allowing retro-fitting, supported by a secure platform that is compatible with any device; desktop or mobile.

“Spillard Safety Systems and Spillard Live continue to develop technology to advance mobile safety on vehicles, therefore improving the safety of operators, workers and the public in an ever changing busy environment”

Construction vehicle safety
Heavy goods vehicle safety systems
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Technology at your fingertips

With Spillard Live, fleet managers and operators are presented with an incredible amount of technology at their fingertips with such features as:

Vision - spillard  Vision gshock sensors

Accurate G-shock sensors measure impact force and driving style.

Vision - spillard  Vision route history

You can observe the routes that each of your vehicles have taken at specific times and follow the routes taken by the driver.
With live video data, you can watch specific events such as speeding or near misses.

Vision - spillard  Vision prompt alerts

Set custom alerts for your drivers based on how they drive
e.g. speeding, harsh braking and more.

Vision - spillard  Vision vehicle radar system

The radar system detects all moving and static hazards within a 10 metre range, preventing collision damage and potential injuries.

Vision - spillard  Vision what happened here

Replay historical incidents to improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents.

Vehicle Vision Solutions

Convex mirrors

Convex Mirrors – see beyond the limits, naturally enhancing drivers vision

Traditional flat glass mirrors are simply too limiting to show the operator the full extent of their working environment so ALL ROUND VISION has developed key ‘fit and forget’ solutions to eliminate the problem of blind spots by naturally enhancing the operators visibility.

Vision - DSC 4714 edited scaled

Vehicle CCTV & monitoring systems –

from simple reverse cameras to multiple image displays viewing, front, side, load, driver.

Our systems are tough, rugged and durable, using only the highest quality components and needing only minimal maintenance, they deliver superb, unrivalled image quality, day and night, even in low lighting conditions – improving the operator’s field of vision, eliminating blindspots to the rear of vehicles, and making reversing and manoeuvring far safer.

360 vehicle camera

360 Birdseye surround view

Our 360 surround view system synthesises a bird’s eye image of the vehicle using multiple ultrawide-angle cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle.

DVS Direct Vision Standard

Vehicle Camera Systems and Mobile CCTV

Reversing camera systems and mobile CCTV solutions for all types of industrial vehicles

Convex mirror solutions

See beyond the limits of traditional flat mirrors

Committed to reducing risks

Committed to reducing risks

Our main priority is your safety, and to reduce the overall number of preventable accidents


of accidents are vehicle related

67% of construction industry accidents are linked to vehicles (European Union Occupational Health Agency survey 2014)

Vision - icon blue quote

The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves as we move forward, it is up to us to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Our priority is keeping people safe and making sure these numbers fall.

Pete Spillard
Managing Director
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