360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system

360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system

Eliminating vehicle blind spots, preventing accidents

360° Surround view camera system

Optronics 360 is a high performance surround view camera system, creating a 360˚ quadraspheric bird’s eye image of your vehicle and it’s surroundings on a single display. Utilising 4 ultra wide digital cameras, Optronics 360 provides operators with the ultimate surround view, increasing their all round awareness while potentially reducing risk and saving lives.

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Kill the blind spot with 360˚ viewing

No compromise. No cutting corners.
No limitations on all round visibility when people’s lives and safety are at stake.

When the worst happens – and someone is killed or seriously injured by heavy machinery or a commercial vehicle – it’s too late to discover that it was caused by a blind spot. Too late to realise that it could have been easily rectified with the right safety aids, properly installed. Too late to make sure that the driver could see all around the vehicle, and at a distance to be able to stop in time.

Serious accident rates and fatalities in construction, commercial loading bays, mining, quarrying and depots are still too high. Even one is too many. And every one brings in its wake a tragic trail of human loss, compromised duty of care, possible prosecution, compensation claims, and irrecoverable reputational damage.

It simply isn’t safe to assume that machines and vehicles have no blind spots. They do. Visibility studies prove it, time and time again, and even the operators may not realise it. Even when mirrors and cameras are fitted, poor installation can still leave blind spots – and blind spots can kill.

360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system - asset 360 blindspot1
360 vehicle camera
Construction site vehicle safety

Taking all round vision to the next level

360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system - asset 360 sitezones
A bird’s eye view clearly shows the operators blind spot while operating the vehicle.
The 360 system eradicates this blind spot issue and allows multiple operators to work with ease at the same time, allowing time on-site to be more productive.

The 360˚ surround view camera system utilises multiple ultra-wide cameras mounted in strategic locations around a vehicle. The images are then stitched together to synthesise a top down bird’s eye image of the vehicle.

Utilising high powered image processors, the system is capable of producing bespoke image designs to suit the vehicle and it’s environment, whether that be a small excavator working on a tight construction site, or a large haul truck working in an open surface mine.

Already proven in the high end passenger car market on the BMW 5 series and the Land Rover/Range Rover models, all the advantages of this highly sophisticated system are now available for use on mining, quarrying and construction machines and also commercial vehicles.

Key benefits

  • Scalable field of view
  • Horizon to horizon visibility
  • Programmable image regions – even, off-set front back or left right.
  • Picture in picture – image regions can be placed on top of surround view to provide additional image data, for example rear-view image when reversing
  • Helps improve drivers all-round awareness
  • Helps to prevent damage to vehicles

Horizon to Horizon

A key advantage of 360° is that it can be programmed from horizon to horizon as well as forward and rear. By covering a much wider area, this makes it the most effective system on the market for reducing blind spots and improving all round visibility.

Flexible application design for vehicle, site or
the environment

The programmability of the Optronics 360 system allows for the image regions to be processed to provide image data specific to your individual requirements, making every installation unique.


Launched in 2012 was the world’s first 360 degree surround view camera system for industrial and commercial vehicles. Taking visibility up to the next level – literally.

Originally designed for Tier 1 automotive applications, Spillard supported ASL in developing an aftermarket version of their ADAS Advanced Vision Digital Processor to provide a birds eye surround view for use in their SRG Haul Trucks, following a fatality at one of their surface mines.

Due to the nature of the incident, the solution had to cover all areas of the blind spots created by the 100 tonne machine. To achieve this, the processors were pushed to their limits and the final surround view covered an area of 42.5 metres, corner to corner.

360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system - asset 360 srg map2
360° Surround view Birds Eye camera system - asset 360 srg map1
360 industrial vehicle camera system
360 camera system

Multi Camera Systems

The 360° surround view system uses multiple ultra-wide angle cameras mounted in strategic locations around the vehicle to synthesise a quadraspheric bird’s eye image of the vehicle.

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