Seat Belt Indicators (SBI)

Seat Belt Indicators (SBI)

Our inertia type lap belt provides both comfort and safety for the operator, working on the same principle as a car seat belt. Operators have complete movement until a problem arises resulting in the inertia locking, holding the operator firmly in his seat.

To ensure that they are worn, provide a comfortable belt that adjusts with both the movement of the driver and the motion of the seat. Belts should be kept clean and OPERATORS should carry out daily checks of their condition. a defect will seriously jeopardise your safety. Belts can become damaged at any stage of the vehicle’s life and a small 4 mm cut or a hole the size of a shirt button in a seatbelt may reduce its strength by a staggering 70%. Under no circumstances, should used or second-hand belts be fitted.

In an accident the belt absorbs some of the enormous energies by stretching. Even at just 30mph the rapid deceleration is equivalent to hurling an adult seatbelt wearer against the belt with a weight equivalent to a three-tonne elephant. This can cause the belt to permanently stretch by up to 13%. Next time it would not absorb the same energy in an impact and that could mean the difference between life and death.

All belts utilise an electronic micro-switch within the clasp that, when connected to the buckle can switch on or off either a visual or audible warning device or both.

Seat Belt Indicators (SBI) - asset sbi 100

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Heavy goods vehicle safety systems
Heavy Goods
Construction vehicle safety
Mining vehicles
Mining and Quarrying
Public transport vehicle safety
Public Transport
Refuse safety
lgv safety
Light Goods
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