Live recording & monitoring

Live recording & monitoring

An intelligent video telematics platform for live monitoring, reporting and safety management of your fleet and staff with safe and secure data handling and compliance.

Determining the best solution starts by understanding the problem

“The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves as we move forward, it is up to us to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Our priority is keeping people safe and making sure these numbers fall.

SPILLARD LIVE system provides real time data to operators, plant and fleet managers with regard to operational safety and driver behaviour.”

Pete Spillard
Managing Director, Spillard

Spillard Live

Spillard Live

Video telematics platform with live monitoring, reporting, safety management

vision vehicle safety


Improve driver 360° awareness by providing more information about their surroundings

Detection safety systems


Warn operators of vehicles to immediate hazards within a predetermined danger zone

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Reduce risk and improve vehicle and pedestrian interaction

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Safe and secure data handling, video telematics, live monitoring, reporting and safety management

Designed for the future of connected vehicle technology

The award-winning Spillard Live cloud platform captures, processes and learns from an equally innovative video telematics system that displays real-time video and analytics from multiple cameras over a fleet of vehicles simultaneously.

All of this live data is safely stored on a UK secured system with full GDPR compliance, providing invaluable trend analysis to support higher safety standards and aiding in better driving habits and accident reduction.

Technology that is compliant

Images recorded by surveillance systems are personal data which must be processed in accordance with data protection laws.

We are committed to complying with our legal obligations and ensuring that the legal rights of staff and members of the public, relating to personal data, are recognised and respected. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal data is a critical responsibility that we take seriously and robust data protection policies are followed at all times.

Spillard Live records information such as vehicle location, speed, impact force and driving style, allowing you to monitor your fleet and driver behaviour. This driver data and vehicle event footage is tracked in real-time, so you never miss a thing, ever.

Spillard live
Award-winning innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform, advanced visibility and control.

This mobile platform provides a consistent user experience wherever you are. Efficiently monitor your fleet operations from your smartphone and respond instantly by accessing video footage of any incident.

Reduce risks and improve vehicle and personnel interaction with Spillard live video telematics.

Live Features

24-7 live monitoring


Spillard Live works around the clock. Our UK based platform can alert you anytime of the day or night.

Spillard Live - customer hierarchies

Customer hierarchies

Set up customised access and security levels to meet the needs of your organisation. Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management.

Spillard Live - multiple camera angles

Multiple camera angles

With multiple cameras installed in various configurations, the driver is provided with different views from multiple areas of the vehicle to increase their visual awareness.

Spillard Live - object detection

Safer driving

Accurate G-shock sensors
measures impact force and
driving style.

Spillard Live - prompt alrts

Prompt alerts

Set custom alerts for your drivers based on how they drive e.g. speeding, harsh braking and more. Want drivers to slow down in harsh weather conditions? Trigger a low limit speeding alert when the vehicle wipers are active.

Spillard Live - radar alert

Radar alert

The radar system detects all moving and static hazards within a 10 metre range, preventing collision damage and potential injuries.

Spillard Live - route history

Route history

You can observe your vehicles route history at specific times and follow the routes taken by the driver. Show specific events such as speeding or stops together with live video data.

Spillard Live - smart maintenance

Smart maintenance

Camera and vehicle status alerts, determining preventative maintenance programmes.

Spillard Live - speech alert

Speech alert technology

Warnings and alerts are provided through speech alert technology, audibly making the driver aware of any dangers that may surround the vehicle.

Spillard Live - trend analysis

Trend analysis

Run historical reports on up to two years of fleet data to uncover insightful trends, support investigations and extrapolate reliable forecasts. The cloud-based storage is regularly backed up.

Spillard Live - vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking

Interactive GIS data is available through Spillard Live, supporting ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF and Autodesk DXF.

Spillard Live - what happened

What happened here?

Replay historical incidents to improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents.

A video telematics platform designed for the future of connected vehicle technology.

Live in numbers

24-7 live monitoring

7 Days

video software

7 Million Miles

of video tracked data



Video Request

Spillard Live - free software


135 gigabytes of data downloaded

Live Products

Spillard Live - multiple camera angles

360° multiple camera systems

Make use of a number of ultra-wide angle cameras mounted around the vehicle, recording footage 24 hours a day. While increasing the awareness of your drivers to reduce accidents and other incidents while working, it will also allow you to monitor your fleet through the day and night.

Spillard Live - prompt alrts

Audible warning systems

Warnings and alerts audibly make the driver aware of any dangers in and around the vehicle, helping to prevent damage towards the vehicle and its surroundings, while also protecting the driver if there is an issue inside the vehicle.

Spillard Live - Driver in cab display 52 1

Cab monitors

Operators can use the monitors inside the vehicle to see what the cameras fitted around the vehicle are filming. This will increase their visual awareness, helping to prevent any accidents.

Spillard Live - object detection

Pedestrian/cyclist detection system

Using ultrasonic technology, vehicles are fitted with devices that determine whether a pedestrian or cyclist is nearby, causing a potential hazard to themselves and the vehicle.

Spillard Live - seat belt warning

Seat belt and handbrake indicators

Keep drivers alert if they are not wearing their seat belts, or if the handbrake is not properly applied. They will be notified so that they can ensure that they are working safely.

Spillard Live - 24 7

Spillard Live

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Spillard Live monitors your vehicle fleet and protects drivers from hazards both inside and outside the vehicle.

Spillard Live - speech alert

Vehicle ultrasonic systems

Vehicle ultrasonic systems provide the assurance of safety when a vehicles operation commences, using sound waves to detect any surrounding objects that the vehicle may hit.

Spillard Live - radar alert

Vehicle radar system

Effective in extreme weather conditions, the vehicle radar system alerts the operator of any hazards located within a 10 metre range through audible tones and LEDs, helping to prevent accidents or damage to objects or the vehicle.

Smart live reporting

Increased fleet visibility helps you to identify what you have and how it’s being used. Our GPS tracking solution can help uncover hidden costs, while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

Spillard Live - free software

Free software*

Spillard Live - prompt alrts

Free alerts*

As a UK business, Spillard wants to be the first port of call to help you with your vehicle safety needs. Our software is fully hosted in the UK and records up to 7 million miles in a week, with 135GB of data downloads and over 14,300 video requests in the same period.

Contact us now and take advantage of a year of free benefits.

*Free for the first 12 months

Spillard Live - spillard live monitoring example
Tracks all driver data and vehicle event footage
in real-time.

Immediate access

4G access to data when an incident occurs

The ability to bring any number of connected data sources into a single platform means a greater understanding of performance and risk. Immediate access to video content and a wide range of vehicle and driver data, is providing added context and insight.


Provides fleet managers and FNOL (First Notification of Loss) teams with an alerts to help improve loss ratios and profitability by controlling and mitigating third-party costs.
First Notification of Loss following incident, control claims from start to finish with accurate video data.

Fault claims settlements can be concluded within 24 hours.

Real-time analytics

Driving innovation and understanding

The data received is analysed using complex algorithms to improve driver behaviour in real-time. Audible alerts can be sent to the devices notifying drivers that their actions are being recorded, which can have a positive effect on their behaviour.

Customised reporting

Displaying the most relevant info to you

Critical management data can be displayed in a series of user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports. The dashboard provides a convenient and useful overview, as well as bespoke notifications, alarms and email alerts.

Safe and secure

GDPR compliant, secure UK platform

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal data is a critical responsibility that we take seriously and robust data protection policies are followed at all times.

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    Multi Camera Systems

    The 360° surround view system uses multiple ultra-wide angle cameras mounted in strategic locations around the vehicle to synthesise a quadraspheric bird’s eye image of the vehicle.

    Available for commercial and construction vehicles

    We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

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