AI Human Detection System for Commercial Vehicles

Intelligent lifesaving technology

Spillard’s innovative AI Human Detection System is the result of two years of extensive research and development, using algorithms and deep intelligent mapping to detect only humans, whether they are on foot or on a bicycle.

This innovative technology helps keep Spillard at the forefront of the vehicle safety market, helping to save lives in a range of different environments and scenarios. With commercial vehicles spending most of their time on busy roads, they are faced with vulnerable road users every single day. It is vital that we raise awareness of the potential of serious accidents, and this is why Spillard is pioneering the release of the revolutionary AI Human Detection System.

AI Human Detection System brochure for Commercial Vehicles

The issue

According to a recent Government report, HGVs, LGVs and transport vehicles account for over 26% of all road deaths in GB.

AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - HDS Commercial Bar chart

Clearly this figure is far too high and systems need to be put in place with the necessary technology able to work towards reducing these figures. Eliminating risk and reducing deaths to vulnerable road users (VRU) who have to co-exist around vehicles as it’s part of every day working life is Spillard’s objective. Using our 30 years of industry experience and internal R&D department, Spillard has designed the ideal solution to target this issue.

Pete Spillard, Managing Director: “The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves year on year, we see it as Spillard’s mission to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal.

Spillard Safety Systems has evolved into one of the UK’s largest vehicle safety equipment suppliers to the commercial vehicle industry, with our customers ranging from HGV, public transport and LGV fleets.”

Spillard Vision Studies Saves Lives

When operating vehicles on work sites, it is imperative that drivers and operators are provided with as much visibility as possible.

To start the process for installing AI Human Detection System we like to undertake our industry leading bespoke ‘Vision Studies’. These bespoke reports highlight areas of poor or no visibility on commercial vehicles. This free service is fundamental in providing the right solutions for your fleet that ultimately saves lives and reduces accidents.

Spillard 3-point process

1. Preparation. We produce a bespoke ‘Vision Study’ of your vehicles; we will focus on your vehicle’s vulnerabilities by identifying potential accident hot spots. You receive the study to help with driver behaviour training and direction on the correct safety equipment for your fleet.

2. Solution. We follow up by producing a detailed document that identifies the correct solutions such as 360° cameras, radar, speakers, in-cab screens, human detection devices etc. that will eliminate those blind spots on your vehicle.

Vehicle safety is not an off the shelf solution, consideration must be placed on 6 key areas, vision, detection, control, communication, warning, and data.

3. Installation. Our mobile team of technicians come to you, fit, and test all the required equipment and software, and finish by providing you with a paperless installation report with details and images that are sent directly to your phone.

Once installed an extra service is our one-year free use of our telematics system, Spillard Live. This allows you to: monitor, check route history, have prompt alerts sent directly to your phone or email, produce trend reports, examine fleet smart maintenance, vehicle tracking etc.

Heavy Goods Vision Studies
Public Transport Vision Studies
Refuse Vision Studies
Light Goods Vision Studies

HDS application is available for commercial vehicles, including:

  • HGV’s and LGV’s
  • Articulated Tractor Units
  • Rigid Trucks
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Cement Mixers
  • Snow Ploughs
  • Highway Maintenance Vehicles
  • Tow Trucks
  • Car Transporters
  • Tankers
  • Coaches & Buses
  • Skip Wagons
  • Bin/Recycling Trucks
AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - SPILL HDS Commercial The results

The integration

From years of working with all levels of vehicle safety, we understand the importance of data in tackling vulnerable road users safety. Our AI Human Detection System, coupled with our Spillard Live fleet management platform, not only deals with the immediate issue, but also provides you with instant warnings, reports, video, and data.

AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - SPILL HDS Commercial The Integration

The in-cab solution

AI Human Detection System
AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - CV HDS Green Red man

Operator display

User friendly systems within the cab provide both visual and audible alerts, collaborating with what the devices pick up and instantly alerting the driver with illuminated coloured sections, depending on the direction of the alert. The driver can then react quickly and accordingly.

AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - SPILL HDS Commercial In cab solution
Human detection system only detects Vulnerable Road Users. In this captured footage a cyclist is detected on the blind side coming up close through some traffic lights.


  • Red/amber/green detection zones to support near miss reporting and critical encroachments
  • Active alerts when machine is in a working state
  • Speech technology
  • Error sensing and reporting
  • Designed in accordance with GB38893 and ISO16001
  • Spillard Live platform integration will enable full live and historical video analysis, near miss and encroachment reporting, and tracking capabilities


  • External ‘person detected’ speaker
  • Directional in-cab audible system
  • 360° surround view display with highlighted zone detection
  • Additional sensors for larger or complex vehicles (nine max)

The detect and alert solution

Camera detection

A HD intelligent human detection camera adopts deep learning technology to detect the human form in front of, on the side of and behind the vehicle in real time, warning drivers instantly of risks of collision with nearby humans. The intelligent camera can be installed on the side, front and back of the vehicle, to detect the human form in real time.

This technology can be applied to both heavy plant vehicles and HGV, with the flexibility of single or multiple cameras.


  • Waterproof/dustproof rating: IP69K, with shock resistance of 5.9G
  • Connects to Spillard Live, our UK based GDPR compliant platform
AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - IMG 9606 cutout Camera

The complete system

Simple, yet clever

The idea of an AI Human Detection System is a straightforward one, yet it still requires advanced technology and Spillard’s knowledge base to ensure that cameras only detects vulnerable road users. High definition 1080P images and high levels of accuracy give operators the best possible vision, and allows for more reaction time.

AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - Commercial The complete system
AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - Commercial The complete system vertical Aerial view diagram

Spillard Live

Safe and secure UK data handling, video telematics, live monitoring, reporting and safety management

Designed for the future of connected vehicle technology

The award-winning Spillard Live cloud platform captures, processes and learns from an equally innovative video telematics system that displays real-time video and analytics from multiple cameras over a fleet of vehicles simultaneously.

All of this live data is safely stored on a UK secured system with full GDPR compliance, providing invaluable trend analysis to support higher safety standards and aiding in better driving habits and accident reduction.

AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - A4 Spillard LIVE brochure visual
AI Human Detection System - Commercial Vehicles - Monitor Tablet Phone visual@72dpi
Award-winning innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform, advanced visibility and control.

This mobile platform provides a consistent user experience wherever you are. Efficiently monitor your fleet operations from your smartphone and respond instantly by accessing video footage of any incident.

Reduce risks and improve vehicle and personnel interaction with Spillard live video telematics.

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