Off Highway Ultrasonic Detection Systems

Award-winning industrialised object detection system

Off Highway Vehicle Ultrasonic Systems

Vehicle ultrasonic systems are an award winning industrialised object detection system with over 7000 sensors installed worldwide, providing the assurance of safety when a vehicles operation commences as the system cannot be turned off or ignored by operators unfamiliar with its features.

Originally designed as an automated braking system for hydrostatic rollers, vehicle ultrasonics has evolved into an industry proven, ultra reliable object detection system. Due to it’s bespoke design the system can be used on anything from site dumpers to excavators or fork lift trucks to wheel loaders.

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Vehicle ultrasonic systems - vcas 200

No switches or controls, with all systems designed as ‘always on’ operation, regardless of direction of travel, eliminating the need for operator intervention and with no moving parts increasing it’s reliability, reducing maintenance and vehicle downtimes.

Vehicle ultrasonic systems - vcas 400
  • Active system – always on alerting operator to dangers
  • Detects Static and Moving Objects
  • No operator interaction required
  • Cannot be turned off or ignored
  • Visual and audible warning
  • Not effected by light
  • Detects in complete darkness to bright sunlight
  • Programmable detection range
  • Multiple applications
  • Bespoke design available
Vehicle ultrasonic systems - vcas 100

Ultrasonic 3 sensor system for site dumpers in action.

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