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The next generation of surround view systems.

360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 1080P
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 360
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 3D
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 Touchscreen
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 Low light

Spillard’s 360° Surround View Bird’s-Eye Camera System is a synthesised top-down image and a touch screen changeable 3D immersive view of a vehicle and its surroundings. The processed image can be manipulated by the driver in all three dimensions, and zoomed in and out by way of a HD touch screen monitor, giving the driver or operator an interactive view into their blind spots when manoeuvring.

Our 360° system is designed to remove the hazards of blind spots, as when there is a lack of vision available to the driver/operator, it can lead to accidents on work sites or on roads. Spillard’s 360° system’s primary purpose is to increase driver all-round visual awareness, reducing the number of incidents just by making changes to improve the driver/operator’s field of vision, which is where it all starts.

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5 Key Features

360° Surround View Bird’s-Eye Camera System
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 1080P
Crystal clear display for complete visibility at all times.
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 360
360 view of your vehicle and surrounding operating area.
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 3D
3D rendered screen allows for realistic viewing of your vehicle.
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 Touchscreen
Touch screen ability allows you to quickly check for blind spots.
360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - 360 Low light
When daylight is short, keep working with confidence.

See it in action:

In 2012, working closely with Scottish Resource Group and Spillard’s development partner ASL, a Tier 1 automotive supplier, we took an automotive multi-camera system and produced the world’s first off-highway aftermarket surround view bird’s-eye system, a two-dimensional top-down view with zero blind spots. This is now a system that is commonplace on all construction and quarry sites throughout the UK.

Not content with this achievement, Spillard has worked tirelessly to bring the next innovation in bird’s-eye surround view systems.

“We are taking vision to the next level, killing blind spots with an intuitive 3D immersive driver experience, enhancing their all-round awareness, and producing the most superior surround-view system on the market.“

“When the worst happens – for example someone is killed or seriously injured by heavy machinery or a commercial vehicle – it is too late to discover that it was caused by a blind spot. It is also too late to realise that it could have been easily rectified with the right safety aids, properly installed. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the driver or operator can see all around the vehicle, and at a distance to be able to stop in time.”

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Spillard’s system incorporates a 1080P full HD surround view 360° panoramic camera system, which simulates a 3D view of the driver’s surroundings. This is achieved by incorporating four ultra-wide angled cameras, which are then synthesised together to provide a top-down bird’s-eye image of the vehicle on a large touch screen monitor.

3D Capabilities

Spillard’s system not only displays a true top-down image, but also provides a 3D 360° driver manipulable surround view image that can intuitively be used to see into otherwise blind areas around the vehicle.

High-Definition Touch Screen

Displayed on a large monitor, the system is rendered on a high-definition touch screen, so that the driver or operator has a clear view of what surrounds them. The high-range touch screen capabilities are vital for users to stay on top of their surroundings and quickly focus on potential hazards so that they can rectify the situation.

Low Light Night Vision

The 360° Driving Assistance System’s camera can provide low-light night vision, so that the driver or operator can have a clear surround-view of the site or road even when the light is insufficient. There is no need for infrared light, and the night vision capabilities mean it can cover the complete 360° surround-view.

360° Surround View Bird's-eye Camera System - IMG 5692 EDIT WEB night

Large Field of View (Super Rear View Vision)

The scope of the rear-view camera provides an incredibly high field of vision that mirrors will not show, eliminating blind spots and meaning the driver or operator is presented with the largest possible view of oncoming potential hazards. This could be vehicles or pedestrians on a road, or maybe even another HGV passing by in a construction site.

Panoramic Image Synthesis Technology

Panoramic image synthesis technology: The 4CH 1080P full HD images are seamlessly stitched after distortion correction, and then rendered into a 3D image to simulate a real driving view.

“Spillard technology creates a 360˚ quadraspheric bird’s-eye image and three-dimensional view of your vehicle and its surroundings on a single display, increasing driver and operator awareness, helping to reduce risk and save lives.”


  • Input video – Max.4CH×1080P@30fps
  • Display mode – 2D/3D
  • Resolution – 1080P
  • Output Refresh rate – 30fps
  • Video stream – 4M/2M
  • Operating voltage – 10-32V
  • Operating voltage range for external trigger signals – 10-32V
  • Operating electric current – <2A/12V
  • Operating temperature – -20℃-70℃
  • Storage temperature – –40℃ ~105℃
  • Operating humidity – 10%-90%


  • Panoramic image stitching technology, simulating a 3D immersive driving experience
  • Customised views for the vehicle and its environment
  • 3D models for vehicle type, with transparency feature for greater visibility
  • Easy installation and automatic calibration
  • Seamless integration with radars and human detection sensors, supporting real-time video and audio overlay to actively warn drivers and operators to avoid obstacles and other potential dangers
  • 1080P full HD video input and output, providing a real-time image with screen layback down to 150ms
  • One-minute automatic calibration, helping to save time and effort
  • 3D/2D switchable images, as well as optional landscape and portrait orientation for all vehicle type installations
  • Featuring FCW function, with no extra cameras or installation
  • Super rear-view camera with 3D technology, covering all vehicle widths to achieve safer lane mergers
  • Quickly and smoothly trigger single-view images with low latency
  • Support RTSP video output
  • Support IP cameras, to provide more triggered views
  • Low-lux night vision: visible under 0.1lux with no need for infrared light
  • Screen direction indicators
  • 3D triggered walk round

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    Multi Camera Systems

    The 360° surround view system uses multiple ultra-wide angle cameras mounted in strategic locations around the vehicle to synthesise a quadraspheric bird’s eye image of the vehicle.

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