Direct Vision Standard DVS

Direct Vision Standard DVS

Transport for London initiative

Direct Vision Standard

A HGV safety permit for operators entering London.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is an HGV safety permit for operators entering London. It requires operators of lorries over 12 tonnes to acquire a safety permit before entering most of Greater London. Those that don’t hold the correct permit will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

If you are an operator of an HGV, before travelling through the area, you must apply for a permit for your vehicle. You will then be granted a permit if the vehicle meets the minimum DVS star rating. Those rated zero stars will need changes made to their vehicle, making it safer by fitting it with Safe System improvements (until October 2024). From 28th October 2024, vehicles will need to be fitted with a Progressive Safe System.

Spillard and the Progressive Safe System

Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS) guidance will be updated to allow use of both systems. As a result, drivers will have a wider field of vision and their cognitive workload will be reduced. Any CMS fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots, and will provide a visual alert of an approaching vulnerable road user, helping to prevent collisions in the blind spot area.

Spillard’s award winning AI Human Detection System meets the criteria outlined by the Progressive Safe System, as it uses algorithms and deep learning technology to intelligently identify only the human form (vulnerable road users) through deep intelligent mapping. This simple, yet clever system removes the chance of an annoying driving experience caused by more basic detection models that detect other objects like street furniture, dustbins and roadside hedges. Our system doesn’t stop there; by adding a voice alert, the responsibility is shared by drivers and workers alike.

This way, Spillard protects vulnerable road users, keeping them safe from harm as blind spots are eliminated as a result of expanding the driver’s field of vision.

Previously, proximity equipment was allowed under the Safe System, but these will no longer be compliant under the new Progressive Safe System, as they will detect street furniture or stationary vehicles.

In order to detect vulnerable road users, the equipment must provide full coverage down the nearside of rigid vehicles. They must also not provide alerts in relation to stationary vehicles or street furniture; this aims to prevent left turn collisions. For articulated trailers, cameras must be fitted to the front tractor unit, but are recommended for the trailer where possible.

Spillard’s AI Human Detection System can be fitted on the front and side of a vehicle, providing alerts to detect the human form located around a vehicle. When paired with our Spillard Live fleet management platform, this will not only resolve any immediate issue, but will also provide you with instant warnings, reports, video, and data.

Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS) sensors must also be fitted to the front of a vehicle in order to prevent collisions at the frontal blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from a stationary position. The AI Human Detection System from Spillard meets this standard, providing audio and visual displays when a vulnerable road user is detected.

Spillard Live

Safe and secure UK data handling, video telematics, live monitoring, reporting and safety management

Designed for the future of connected vehicle technology

The award-winning Spillard Live cloud platform captures, processes and learns from an equally innovative video telematics system that displays real-time video and analytics from multiple cameras over a fleet of vehicles simultaneously.

All of this live data is safely stored on a UK secured system with full GDPR compliance, providing invaluable trend analysis to support higher safety standards and aiding in better driving habits and accident reduction.

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Award-winning innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform, advanced visibility and control.

This mobile platform provides a consistent user experience wherever you are. Efficiently monitor your fleet operations from your smartphone and respond instantly by accessing video footage of any incident.

Reduce risks and improve vehicle and personnel interaction with Spillard live video telematics.

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Heavy goods vehicle safety systems
Heavy Goods
Construction vehicle safety
Mining vehicles
Mining and Quarrying
Public transport vehicle safety
Public Transport
Refuse safety
lgv safety
Light Goods
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