Introducing Spillard’s new brand

Spillard has decided to move forward with a new brand, which features a more recognisable and colourful company image.

The new brand replaces the previous design that Spillard has been using for over 15 years, which was developed by a local design company. The idea behind the previous brand was “a coming together of all of Spillard’s services and products to give the best solution to solve customer problems; the pieces of a puzzle”. However, despite the branding being a big part of our recent history, we decided it was time for a change with an updated brand created by a different design agency.

Spillard has many different brands and names associated with different industries and products, but they are not necessarily associated with Spillard. With our new video telematics platform, this has given us the perfect opportunity to bring everything together with a new brand that connects all of our services.

We are big supporters of the new brand because it is not too dissimilar from our previous branding, but it also brings a fresh feel and adds some cohesion to our services, while also sticking to the original “pieces of a puzzle” philosophy. Everything within the company is connected, as specified by our new logo.

We want our new brand to convey to our customers that we are a modern, evolving company developing technological solutions and the most effective safety products for vehicles in multiple industries. As we prepare for a post pandemic world, Spillard wants to be the port of call for people and companies looking to purchase the best vehicle safety solutions the market has to offer.

Our commitment to safety helps your commitment to work. For more updates, please follow us on LinkedIn.

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