Improve driver all-round awareness by providing more information about their surroundings

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In today’s safety orientated environment anybody from site designers to plant and quarry managers are coming under increasing pressure to reduce the annual number of incidents caused by vehicle blind spots. ALL ROUND VISION™ and OPTRONICS®, the brands from Spillard Safety Systems, the company that designs and develops Vision solutions that achieve exactly this, these bespoke solutions provide more information about their surroundings, improve a machines field of vision and increase an operators all-round awareness, significantly reducing the risks to themselves and exposed personnel.

…uniquely placed to help you meet these challenges and enable you and your organisation to pro-actively address these safety issues. – improve driver all-round awareness by providing more information about their surroundings, this ‘all round vision’ can dramatically reduce incidents in the workplace.

Available for commercial and construction vehicles

We can fit our safety equipment to old and new vehicles, including:

Committed to reducing risks

Committed to reducing risks

Our main priority is your safety, and to reduce the overall number of preventable accidents


of accidents are vehicle related

67% of construction industry accidents are linked to vehicles (European Union Occupational Health Agency survey 2014)

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The clear risks associated with moving vehicles cannot be understated. With new risks presenting themselves as we move forward, it is up to us to help reduce the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Our priority is keeping people safe and making sure these numbers fall.

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