In today’s safety oriented environment anybody from site designers to plant and quarry managers are coming under increasing pressure to reduce the annual number of fatalities and injuries caused by vehicle blind spots.

By improving a machines field of vision, operator’s should be able to see anyone who may be put at risk when any vehicle control is operated.

ALL ROUND VISION™ and OPTRONICS®, the brands from the company that designs and develops systems that achieve exactly this – improve driver all-round awareness by providing more information about their surroundings. This ‘all round vision’ can dramatically reduce incidents in the work place.

Spillards’ a leading provider of indirect vision aids specifially designed to meet the extreme demands of the quarrying and construction industries. The systems developed are recognised as ‘best in class’ and are fully CE, e, E11 and EU accredited, the solutions include comprehensive visibility studies and best practice visibility measurement guidelines and with products

As an operator of earthmoving equipment, as defined by BS EN474-1, legislation dictates that visibility from the operating position should be such that it can be controlled in complete safety to themselves and exposed personnel. Where an operators direct field of vision is in inadequate, devices should be provided, so far as reasonably practicable. Installing convex mirrors and other indirect vision aids no longer becomes a voluntary commitment but a legal necessity. Spillards’ are uniquely placed to help you meet these challenges and enable you and your organisation to pro-actively address these safety issues.