Safety is the number one concern for commercial vehicle operators. Whether it is a 100-ton dump truck carrying coal in a mine, a delivery truck distributing parcels in a resedential area, or a school bus loading and unloading children, safety is key.

Each of these operators has a common concern, how to activley detect objects or people obscured from the operator’s view. Camera systems are an option, but as this is a passive system this puts the emphasis on the driver OK for visual verification but to successfully alert the operator of danger object detection systems have been developed, these systems utalise various technologies, our solutions include, ultrasonic and radar.

Ultrasonics - As the name ultrasonics implies, this term deals with that branch of acoustics whose frequency waves are above the highest frequencies audible to the human ear.

Radar (short for “Radio Detection and Ranging”) – based on the principle of sending very long wavelength radiation (called microwaves) from an antenna, and then detecting that energy after it bounces off a remote target.

Radar object detection devices are typically classified in two classes, Doppler and Pulsed Radar. The main difference between these two is that Doppler systems require relative motion to provide an indication of an object being detected. Pulsed radar on the other hand can detect both moving and stationary, inanimate and animate objects. This is one of the technologies key benefits. Radar systems are also well suited for on-road and off-road applications, as these systems are not affected by environmental conditions such as mud, dirt, snow, rain, sunlight, or wind. The parking aid and object detection systems .