Protecting the power behind your productivity from a birds eye view

It’s no secret that many of the leading industry players were exhibiting at the Plantworx 2015 event in June and Spillard Safety Systems were no different, however their main mission as always was to bring awareness to blind spots around construction machinery.

Did you know, that injury within the construction industry cost £0.7 billion during 2012/2013 ( in Britain alone? Some of this may have been avoided by increasing the visibility range for operators of machinery.

Demonstrating the Spillard Safety Systems Optronics 360 degree surround view system in action

The solution lies with starting to understand the problem. By conducting vision studies, blind spot maps of typical earth moving machinery, Spillard Safety Systems determined that risk can be reduced by increasing driver’s awareness of their environment.

Many visitors attended the Spillard Safety Systems stand that showed live demonstrations, these included representatives from the major contractors group, who have worked with their supply chain to promote the fitting 360 deg cameras. On the stand was Flannery plant hire who were able to talk to visitors explaining the benefits of safe plant machinery, having recently started a programme of installing Spillard Safety Systems Optronics 360 degree surround view system.

The student trail at Plantworx - demonstrating the VCAS system to a student attending

Our system and method allows us to ensure flexibility in achieving maximum 360 deg vision at all heights providing a critical aid to reducing risk and saving lives. Already proven in the high end passenger car market for the BMW 5 series, Land Rover and Range Rover models, this sophisticated model is now available to use on mining, quarrying and construction machines.

Also on demonstration was Spillard Safety Systems own VCAS industrialised detection system fitted to a site dumper which proved to be very popular with visitors. The system provides assurance of safety as the system cannot be turned off or ignored whilst detecting objects within machines blind spot areas.

New mobile classroom

Additionally on stand was the company’s new mobile classroom to demonstrate to youngsters who were following the Student Trail the blind spots from the driving position of a heavy commercial vehicle. Convex mirrors were fitted to the vehicle to show the visibility range available. The mirrors are suitable for all environments, shatterproof and multiple mirrors eliminate all blind spots.

Educating those in the industry to see beyond the limits is very important to Spillard Safety Systems and events such as Plantworx 2015 allows Spillard Safety Systems to share this message.